Sites With A PageRank of 10

Google’s PageRank stat supposedly shows the relative importance of a site, based on a number of inscrutable factors but most prominently the number of links back to the site. The scale ranges from 1 to 10 and is a logarithmic function. So sites with a PageRank of ten are the most important ones on the ‘net. Who are they? Well, Google, for one. And Here are a few others:

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Blogging For Big Bucks

CNN has an article on how boggers are now on the cusp of making big bucks for their efforts. For example, Michael Arrington of Techcrunch pulls in $60,000 in advertising revenues each MONTH!

Get to work folks. We all can get in on this one.

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Ontok Highlighter

Ontok Highlighter offers a new way to monetarize your website. You install a bit of javascript on your pages and the programs scans the text for keywords, turning them into active links. Ontok says that

the Ontok Highlighter only highlights words in your page that are either product-related or topically related to the page being highlighted. This results in ads so well-matched that your visitors will actually find them useful.

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Building Your Forums

There’s a real Catch-22 involved in starting up an internet forum: people won’t participate unless there are people participating.

So how do you get started? One way is to create a few dummy accounts, then log on and write a bunch of posts under different names.

Another suggestion is to lean on your friends and family to help you get started.

You also can offer prizes—offer one for the best post of the month; for the post that creates the most replies; or for a random post.

As a last ditch effort, you could use a service like Forumshock For what seems to me to be a very reasonable price, Forumshock promises that quality posts will be made to your forum. 

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Font Usability Study

They seem like such little things, but fonts may have a big impact on your earnings. The right font can convey messages to your readers that can’t be conveyed with mere words or pictures.

But which one to use.

Fortunately, a study has been conducted on the usability of various fonts. The psychology department at Wichita State has determined that the most preferred fonts were Courier, Comic, Verdana, Georgia, and Times.

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