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From Blogs To Riches

New York magazine has an article on how a select group of bloggers has managed to—almost accidentally—turn their hobby into riches.

Based on their advertising rate sheets, it’s entirely likely that A list bloggers, such as Gawker manage to generate $4,000 or more daily.  Pete Rojas, of Weblogs, Inc, last year sold his bundle of sites—primarily Engadget—to AOL for $25 million.

Inspiring stuff, but the article also tosses in a few bummers—that there is definitely a pecking order in blogs, and that the top spots are going to be difficult, if not impossible, to crack.

But the author is missing an important point: that the key to being a successful blogger these days is to find a niche—and there are millions of niches out there.

All of my blogs serve niche markets—and all of them have high Google pageranks and get significant amounts of traffic. My traffic is not measured in the millions of page views, to be sure, but its enough that they make it more than worthwhile to continue writing. And the traffic on each of these continues to increase—none have yet hit a plateau.

The primary advice that I can give is the same that I give in countless posts throughout this blog: write about things that you know and love—no matter how small. If you love the topic, there are doubtless hundreds—if not thousands—who love the same thing.

You are not going to crack the top ten—or even the Top 100—writing about politics, or computers or gadgets. You can, however, dominate many smaller ponds which have yet to be investigated by bloggers. 

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